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Organiser: Lawgical Forum

About the Organization

Lawgical Forum, a platform for voicing the collective conscience of the law students, practitioners, academicians in the form of opinions, blogs, articles, case analysis, etc. aspires to ingeminate the significance and multi-disciplinary approach of law and the legal world. We intend to engender discourse on contemporary burgeoning socio-legal issues and provide an assessment of the same. It envisions to nurture the underlying interface of legal intricacies with society. The initiative aims to provide comprehensive research pertaining to the trans-disciplinary approach towards law and society. The portal, in its process of proliferating legal awareness amongst masses, looks forward to providing quality socio-legal content. It fosters to propagate the voice of the vulnerable section of the society and impart justice at every level through eclectic writing. We strive to provide a platform and encourage everyone to contribute original, unpublished, and unplagiarized work. Hence, our objective is to materialize the social and legal conviction of public-spirited individuals.

About the Competition

Lawgical Forum aims to eradicate the legal illiteracy in India and assure that its citizens exercise their fundamental right to freedom of speech and expression with the help of legal writing. The blog writing competition will give a chance to ponder over, widen horizons, and pen down their views, thoughts, opinions, etc. on contemporary social and legal issues existing in the society. This is vital to bring various aspects of the consciousness of people that require unfettered attention. This aims to bring a change within oneself through the voice of youth.

Who can participate?

· Academicians, Researchers, and Ph.D./Doctoral Scholars from the field law.

· Law students pursuing bachelors or masters in law (UG and PG)

· Advocates, NGOs, and Think Tank.

· Government officers and employees of Government undertaking

· Representatives of Regulatory Bodies.


Any contemporary issue relating to law or society.

Guidelines for Submission:

All the blogs should strictly adhere to the guidelines. Any submission found not following the same shall be outrightly rejected. The guidelines are as follows:

· The title of the blog should be appropriate.

· The blog must be within 1500 words.

· Writing should be the original work of the participants. Only 15% of plagiarism would be allowed. Any submission having more than 15% plagiarism shall be disqualified.

· The Uniform method of citation must be followed.

· The body of the paper shall be in Times New Roman, font size 12, 1.5-line spacing. Footnotes should be in Times New Roman, size 10 single line spacing.

· A margin of 1 inch shall be left on all sides of the paper.

· The paper shall be in MS Word Format.

· Co-authorship is allowed for not more than 2 people.

· No participant can make more than one submission.

· The copyright of the blog shall lie with the organization.

· All the entries shall be sent to submissionlawgicalforum@gmail.com with a subject titled- “Submission for Blog Writing Competition”. Full names of both author and co-author along with designation, institution, and contact number(s) must be mentioned in the body of the mail.

· Judgment shall be based on points given on the criteria of content, language & uniqueness. The decision of the editor shall be final.

Awards and Perks:

· Winner: INR 500 + Post of Student Editor + Blog Publication + Internship Opportunity + 10% off in Katog courses

· First Runners up: Post of Student Editor + Blog Publication + Internship Opportunity + 10% off in Katog courses

· Second Runners up: Blog Publication + Internship Opportunity + 10% off in Katog courses

· Top 3 participants shall also be given an Internship Opportunity at C.L.A.W Legal.

· Top 10 shall be given a certificate of merit along with Blog Publication.

· 30% off in publication fee shall be given to all the participants who successfully submit their blogs, provided the paper is selected for publication.

· 10% off in Katog courses shall be given to all the participants.

· E-certificate shall be given to all the participants who submit their blog successfully.

Mode of Registration: