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Jalandhar’s former Catholic bishop Franco Mulakkal has moved to the Supreme Court seeking discharge from the nun rape case on July 25. The petitioner has sought a stay order on the trial proceedings till the Supreme Court passes an order in the plea.

The bishop submitted that he has been framed in the rape case and allegations against him have been levelled to seek revenge. It was further contended that the statements of the victim had loopholes. A similar plea was filed by the petitioner before the Kerala High Court seeking discharge, but was dismissed by the Court. The High Court further directed Franco to appear for the trial, but he failed to appear for the trial, as a result the bail was cancelled by the Court and a non bailable was issued. Thus, Franco moved to the Apex Court.

In response to the plea of Franco, several petitions were filed by the State and the nun opposing the plea and pleaded before the Court for dismissal of the plea without going into merits. The Supreme Court is expected to hear the matters the coming week. Franco Mulakkal was arrested in September, 2018, after charges were filed against him after a nun in the Missionaries of Jesus congregation accused him of raping her 13 times between 2014 and 2016 in Kottayam.

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