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About IP Assisto

IP Assisto is committed to disseminate awareness and promote IPR in India. The center encourages creativity and innovation which may eventually lead to generation of new Intellectual Property Rights. The aforementioned vision will be accomplished by providing support and guidance to every person in need of protecting their invention and creations. The center will familiarize all stakeholders with the importance of Intellectual Property laws in today’s technology driven society and provide them a platform for interaction.

We are inviting applications to join the IP Assisto team in the capacity of ‘Campus Ambassador’.

Duration: 6 Months

Interested Students are required to send their latest Curriculum Vitae.

Procedure of Application:

Mail your Curriculum Vitae to ipassisto@gmail.com with Subject- “Application for Campus Ambassador”.


On successful completion of the tenure of 6 months, the member will be entitled to a certificate of completion and a recommendation letter (to the selected team members). The work is voluntary in nature and no remuneration will be provided for the same.

Other Benefits Include:

• Attending events as a representative of IP Assisto.

• Training/ Assistance in Scholarships/ International Conferences.

• Opportunity to meet distinguished personalities of the field.

• Opportunity to appear in patent filing forums.

• Free training on filing patents, copyrights, trademarks.

Contact for further details:

E-mail: ipassisto@gmail.com

or, Contact:

Aakansh Prakash- +91 8860734215

For more details, visit: www.ipassisto.com

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