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Legal Thirst Associates is a full-service Law Firm & Education Platform, registered under the Indian Partnership Act, 1932. Legal Thirst is a powerful step towards the upliftment of the legal profession in India by shaping the law students; helping them to learn legal skills efficiently by affordable and Law Firm Certified Legal Courses, Webinars, and also by various workshops and sessions.

An innovative step of providing easy Internships in senior Lawyer chambers and Law Firms to Non-NLU & First Gen. Law Students. Legal Thirst aims towards proving opportunities to those who lack resources and the end of nepotism in the society. Legal Thirst’s venture Help OWN is a registered Society working for Non-Profit, PAN India Organization that has the motive to create legal awareness among the society; along with a team of lawyers and social workers, Help OWN is providing Pro-Bono Legal Services to the needful section of society.

Dr. Adish C. Aggarwala

Chairman Advisory Board Legal Thirst , President, International Council of Jurists (ICJ)

· Chairman, All India Bar Association

· Chairman, India Legal Information Institute

· Advisor, Dr. Adish Aggarwala Law Chambers

· Ex. Special Counsel for Government of India

· Ex. Vice-Chairman, Bar Council of India

· Ex. Chairman, Bar Council of Delhi

· Ex. Senior Additional Advocate General of Govt. of Haryana

· Ex. Additional Advocate General of Govt. of Punjab

· Ex. Additional Advocate General of Govt. of Uttar Pradesh

· Ex. Additional Advocate General of Govt. of Tamil Nadu

· Ex. Vice-President, Supreme Court Bar Association

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Advisory Board of Legal Thirst


Campus Ambassador


· Students who are currently enrolled in the 3-year and 5-year UG Law course and willing to work for three months.

· Students who are active on social media.


No Limit

TENURE: Three Months


Interested candidates should fill this form:- Click here to fill the form

Deadline for Application: -

11:59 p.m. of 30th November, 2020. You will be contacted soon by the concerned team.

For any queries kindly mail us at contact@legalthirst.com Contact Us on WhatsApp:- +91 9416514766

Perks: -

To have the position of Campus Ambassador and lead Legal Thirst in the concerned college is in itself a matter of pride. Some of the perks given to campus Ambassador are:

§ Certificate as a “Campus Ambassador”, to boost your CV. You can feature on LinkedIn as well.

§ Blog Publications on Websites and Journals.

§ Exposure and Experience to work with the students from all over India.

§ Opportunity to make your special identity, you can sign yourself as Campus Ambassador, Legal Thirst in your email signatures, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram profiles, blogs, personal pages, etc.

§ Internship Guidance

§ An opportunity to be mentored by leading professionals to expand your skillset and grow.

§ Special Recognition will be given for outstanding contributions during events and competitions.

§ Rewards will be increased on the basis of work.

§ To learn professional insights and develop presentation skills, leadership, media relations, team working, time management, etc.

§ Participation in conferences and seminars free/partly payable organized by Legal Thirst.


The Campus Ambassador will be an integral part of the Legal Thirst team. As a part of it, we expect the following qualities and work from the Campus Ambassador:

§ Hard-working, honest and punctual candidate having good leadership, communication, and organizational skill.

§ Represent and lead us at your campus.

§ Communicate the events and happening of Legal Thirst.

§ Communicate any event happening in their college to our team.

§ To complete the tasks/works given to them from time to time and Conduct interviews of Dean, Director, Principal of your Law Faculty, eminent legal luminaries visiting your law faculty, the guests arriving at your campus, etc. for the purpose of publication on interview section of Legal Thirst.

§ An active internet user, interested in promoting our services, articles, and educational content on Social Media.

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