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Organiser: IP Assisto

We are pleased to announce the position of Faculty Advisor of the IP Assisto for the session 2020-21.

As a Faculty Advisor, your responsibilities will mainly include informing us about any conference, seminar, workshop related to Intellectual Property regime in your institution or any other institution you come to know about.

It would be appreciated if such information is provided to us at the earliest and on priority basis. As a Faculty Advisor, you are also required to give us valuable feedback and advice regarding further development and maintain a certain degree of confidentiality about the work delegated to you.

It is also important to note that the nature of your work will be ‘voluntary contribution’ and you will not be given any remuneration for the same. We reserve all the rights to remove you from this position without giving any prior notice or reasons for the same.

We assure that working with us will be a worthwhile experience for you. It will be your contribution to contact and answer major-specific questions and to assist students with exploring their post-graduate and career interests work in collaboration with other members of students advising network academic advisors, career advisors, and care managers) to support students in achieving their goals.

To apply for this position, kindly email your C.V at ipassisto@gmail.com

For more details please visit: http://ipassisto.com/

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