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E- CONFERENCE by LAW TALES & JLSR JOURNAL: Submit by 15th September 2020

Organiser: LAW TALES & JLSR

Brochure : Click Here

About the event

The event is organized by LAW TALES in Collaboration with JLSR JOURNAL to provide a interactive platform for students, academicians and professionals to present their research work on different fields of law and with an aim to upgrade the level of interaction and discourse about contemporary issues of law.

Themes: (Sub-Themes mentioned are not exhaustive and are just for reference)



  • Custodial Torture

  • Rape Amendment Law

  • Euthanasia

  • Juvenile Delinquency

  • Sedition

  • Section 377 I.P.C And Lgbt Rights

  • Marital Rape

  • Cyber Crimes In India In Consonance With Laws Of Developed Countries

  • Cyberterrorism/ Hate Speech On Social Media & Its Conviction As Per Indian Criminal Law

  • Capital Punishment- Abduction Of Death Penalty

  • Criminalisation Or Decriminalisation Of Attempt To Suicide In India (Section 309 I.P.C)

  • Concept Of Mens Rea & Actus Reas

  • Justice To Victims & Fair Trial

  • Rights Of Accused

  • Reformation Of Criminal Justice System

  • Moral Policing In India

  • Police Atrocities

  • White Collar Crimes

  • Organised Crimes

  • Economic Crimes

  • Honour Killing



  • Cyber security and laws of India and other countries.

  • Data protection.

  • Privacy concerns on cyber space.

  • Crimes on social media.

  • Protection of children and women on cyber space.

  • Investigation of cybercrimes– issues and concerns

  • Cyber forensic – technical cum legal perspective

  • Evidentiary issues in the area of cyber security

  • Judiciary on cyber security

  • Laws and concerns in relation to any -Selected/ Specific forms of cyber-crimes [such as hacking, cyber pornography, identity theft, spoofing, cyber stalking, software piracy, etc. Any one form of cyber-crime can be selected as the focal theme of the paper]

  • E-security in banking system.

  • E- Commerce and cyber security concerns

  • E-Governance and cyber security concerns.

  • Providing / developing an alternative law / policy framework to secure cyber space Etc.



  • COVID-19: Impact on Global Trade and Investment

  • COVID-19 and its effect on the Course of Globalization