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Organiser: Impart Victory

Impart Victory is a platform to equip professionals and enhance the cumulative growth of individuals. We are working on different field of law to embarking knowledge. We furnish the opportunity to the individuals while working on the operations of the organisation. The ultimate aim is to impart knowledge to individuals.

For queries, write us on: event.impartvictory@gmail.com

About the Event

Impart victory is organising a workshop – learning session on the Art of Drafting Agreements. A Five day online instruction program. The program will focus on individual learning of participants towards Drafting of various agreements. The session will give the deep insights to the participants on the basics of Agreement Drafting. The workshop will give the practical learning experience to everyone. Resource persons will be the mentor to the whole session.


The workshop is open to professionals and students (irrespective of their year of study). The program will help each individuals to learn Drafting of agreements.

For queries, write us on: event.impartvictory@gmail.com

Details of Event

▪ The five day workshop will start with a briefing session.

▪Participants will furnished with a compiled set of modules along with various exclusive agreements.

▪An interactive session will be taken up with the participants to individually resolve their queries during the workshop.

▪Assignments are prepared on each topic of the module. Every participant had to attempt these assignments.

▪A Resource person will assist the participants during the workshop. He will take up the session on “Technical mistakes faced while drafting”.

▪ Their will be proper evaluation of assignments of every participant. They will be individually reviewed for the effective learning.

▪Their are few panellist to the event. They will assist everyone during the whole program. For queries, write us on: event.impartvictory@gmail.com

Registration Details

The program is learning oriented and we focused more on the practical application of participant. Interested person can register through the attached form hereunder by paying nominal fees for the event.

Link to the registration form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScSjhvPH7q85sbjBHHgmHlOa0rEOtojYDvippgMtqwDubuCg/viewform?usp=sf_ link

For queries, write us on: event.impartvictory@gmail.com


▪ Online internship opportunity at Impart victory to Top three participants.

▪Certificate of excellence to top three participants.

▪ Best performers will get the opportunity to get the benefits of our Student Encouragement Program.

▪ Top ten participants will be invited to the “Advanced workshop session on Drafting”.

▪All the participant will get the certificate of completion of workshop.