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Lawlnternships is an Online Law School which shall extensively provide educational services. Lawlnternships provides opportunities in the field of law to the students pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate programs. We assist in providing Internship opportunities for gaining professional experience a well as improving legal skills while being enrolled in a full time program. The objective is to provide a credible platform for the law students to fulfill educational requirement by imparting practical exposure and relevant skills. The principles of Lawlnternships is coherent to its approach and performance. It is much a response to the demand of the hour, as is a personal effort on the part of bunch of young professionals to give back to the community.


The National Virtual Client Counseling Competition Award has been instituted in the name of (Late) Shri. T.J. Varghese Tharakan by the family in association with LawInternships (The Online Law School). The Thekkeparampil Tharakan family hailing from South India has many eminent persons who are well placed both in the government as well as the nongovernmental fields. They strongly believe that education is the key to a well organised, and duty-bound citizen. (Late) Shri. T. J. Varghese Tharakan an Engineer by profession and who has had vast experience both abroad as well as in India had been Board Member to Mar Dionysius Hi-Tech Academy, a private education institution and also Treasurer at the St. Cyril’s College, Adoor, Kerala. With his vision to impart quality education he, during his tenure, always ensured that he handpicked professors to teach at the academy as well as the college. He always supported institutions that catered to educating children and youth. His family has been bearing that forth, since 2017 after his demise. And this year and for every year to come, they decided to associate with us to conduct the National Virtual Client Counseling Competition which looks forth to enhance the skills of a law student who are to learn the art of interviewing clients, analysing problems and apply the law accordingly.


The Competition simulates the consultation that takes place in a lawyer’s office wherein the students act as the lawyers and are presented with a client and their issue in question. The students are given a brief of the memorandum that identifies in general the nature of the subject-matter in relation to the client prior to the interviews. They are expected to elicit relevant information from the client and present the client with the means or range of alternatives for resolving the problem along with the understanding of what the client wants.The interview with the client is then followed by a post-consultation period during which the students, in the absence of their client, analyse the interview and discuss their legal and other work to be undertaken. The students will be evaluated by a panel of judges, usually composed of two lawyers. The students are evaluated against specific criteria that emphasize the use of listening, questioning, planning, analysing followed by a brief critique by the judges on their handling of the consultation and post-consultation period.



i. Only Students pursuing 3 year or 5 Year Integrated LLB or LLM are eligible to take part in the competition. They must not be practicing lawyers.

ii. Teams must be composed of 2 students. Teams are allowed to bring a client of their own too, but these clients will be interchanged during the rounds.

iii. Teams can be composed of students from different colleges.

iv. Each team will be assigned a Team Code 5 days prior to the preliminary rounds through their emails.

v. There shall be no coach or any other person assisting the team in any rounds.

vi. Links specifically assigned to teams must not be shared with anyone else. If such practices are found the team will be immediately disqualified.

vii. Screen sharing or parallel chats are not allowed during the competition.

viii. Students are encouraged to invite their college or their friends from any other law colleges to observe the rounds. A YouTube link for the same would be provided.

ix. Maximum of 50 teams is allowed to participate.

x. Teams can bring their client or individual students can also participant as a client. Participation fee will be Rs. 200/-.

xi. Fee once paid will not be refunded.


  • All topics will be based on Torts, Contracts, Consumer Protection Act, Motor Vehicles Act, Civil, Criminal, IPR and also other incidental laws depending on the merits of the problem.

  • The official language of Communication and Competition is English.

  • Approximately 2 weeks prior to the competition, Organizing Committee (OC) of LawInternships (The Online Law School) will send to each team the memoranda as one-liner.

  • The one liner provided as intentional deviators, must not be taken as the only crux of the problem.

  • There will be two sessions in each round of the competition. The first would be the client consultation session and the second would be post-consultation session.

  • In the client-consultation session the student lawyers are expected to extract information from the client, briefly analyse the issue at hand, and make recommendations to the client in order to resolve his or her problem.

  • In the post-consultation session, the student lawyers shall be expected to legally analyse the interview and the various issues of the matter (or case) presented and discuss a future course of action. They shall further be expected to discuss the recommendations made by them to the client and whether an alternative approach could be or have been adopted to attain a better outcome from the session. The judges may, during this period, question the participants on their presentation.


The Competition shall comprise of 5 sets of preliminary rounds, in the event of 50 teams are registered following which, four (4) Teams from each preliminary round shall qualify for quarter final rounds on the basis of their absolute score in the preliminary rounds.

Four (4) teams with the highest absolute score shall qualify from the quarter-final round to the semi-final round.

Two teams with the highest absolute score shall qualify form the semi-final round to the final round.

The winner of the final round is decided on the highest absolute score in that round.

The decisions of the judges and the organizing committee shall be final.

The Client Consultation shall be of the following time limits:

Preliminary Rounds : 25 minutes

Quarter-Final Rounds : 30 minutes

Semi-Final Rounds : 35 minutes

Final Rounds : 40 minutes

In each round, other than the Final Round, teams shall not take more than 5 minutes for post-consultation session. In the Final Rounds 10 minutes shall be allowed for post-consultation.

The Preliminary, Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals shall be conducted via Google Meet whereas Final Rounds will be conducted via zoom application.


Participants are not expected to arrange for any props, office furnishings of the kind, usage during the rounds. There shall be no marks awarded for such extra- offerings.

However, this shall not be understood to be a prohibition on the books or any other relevant material into the room.

Participants must arrange their laptop camera or mobile camera in such manner that there is a gap of 1 metre between the equipment and the participant.


All participant s mus t be in formal wear s that befit s a lawyer. Male participant s mus t wear white shirt, black trouser s and blazer s . Female participant s mus t wear white shirt/kameez, black trouser s , blazer s . Neck bands or gowns not required. (If blazer s not available, it shall be avoided after enquiring with OC)


Participants are expected to maintain decorum and not to involve into any sort of misconduct towards opponent team or the organisers or even the judges. In such instances the decision of LI-NVCCC Organising Committee will be final.

Misconduct includes:

Disclosure of identity to other participants during the course of the round(s) or to any Judge.

Any attempt made by the Participant(s) to obtain problem particulars with regards to client-consultation.

Any attempt made by the participant(s) to contact any Judge before or during the Competition, unless specifically invited to do so by particular Judge(s).

Any other conduct which can give unfair leverage to the team(s) over other team(s).

Any such other conduct as considered by LI-NVCCC OC.


Winner: Cash prize of INR 5000/- (Rupees Five Thousand only), Certificate of Merit, Free Publication Slot in our Law Journal, Trophy by post, an Internship Opportunity by LawInternships and 20% di scount on Certificate Courses .

Runners Up: Cash prize of INR 3000/- (Rupees Three Thousand only), Certificate of merit, an Internship Opportunit y by LawInternships and 10% discount on Certificate Courses .

Best Counsel: Cash prize of INR 2000/- (Rupees Two Thousand only), Certificate of Merit and an Internship Opportunit y by LawInternships .

Best Client: Cash prize of INR 1000/- (Rupees One Thousand only), Certificate of Merit and an Internship Opportunit y by LawInternships . E-Participation Certificates will be provided to all the participants.

REGISTRATION PROCEDURE The participant s are required to complete the Regi s tration through the link to Google Form annexed below which shall be done on or before Januar y 10, 2020.


Team (Counsel): https ://forms.gle/Gmjz4JUxtdFxjhwr9

Client: https://forms.gle/kLAh2yb2fCVsph26

REGISTRATION FEE: INR 1500/- (Rupees One Thousand Five Hundred only ). INR 1200/- (Rupees One Thousand Two Hundred only ) for first 20 teams registering on or before December 31, 2020. INR 200/- (Rupees Two Hundred only ) for Client registration.

Payment must be made only to the official account of LawInternships (The Online Law School); details of which are given below:

Contact us

Serafina Illyas 7561819320

Thwejalakshmi P.R 7902955138

Ridhi Jindal 9316436282

For any further queries and requests for information, the participant s may feel free to contact the Organising Committee through the above mentioned detail s .

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