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1.1. Object

1.1.1. The present rules (“Rules”) govern the Memorial Formatting Competition, December

2020 (hereinafter “the Competition”), which is being organized by Memo Pundits (a unit of

Indian Mooting School) for promotion of education in the field of mooting.

1.1.2. The Competition shall be conducted in English language.

1.1.3. All participants are presumed to have knowledge of and shall be subject to these rules.

1.1.4. Memo Pundits has the final authority to interpret and amend these Rules.

1.2. Aim and Scope of the Competition

1.2.1. The Competition aims to encourage participants to test and improve their knowledge of

formatting moot court memorials by using various tools provided by MS Word.

1.2.2. The Competition will test only the formatting skill of the participants to format this


Therefore, it is mandatory that the participants must not change the

written content of the main text in the Draft Memorial provided to them.

The draft memorial to be formatted can be found using this link: https://www.memopundits.com/wpcontent/uploads/2020/12/Draft-Memorial-2.0.docx

1.2.3. The participants are expected to make use of various MS-Word tools and format the

memorial to its conclusion as per the Rules.

1.2.4. Notwithstanding Rule 1.2.2 the participants are allowed to make changes to the citations

(footnotes) in order to follow Rule 3.6 (Citation Method). Therefore, citations must not only be

formatted but also edited to be in accordance with the Rules of the Competition.


2.1. Participation and Registration

2.1.1. The Competition allows registration of 1 person as a participant.

2.1.2. Participants have to register through this REGISTRATION FORM.

2.1.3. The last date of registration is Dec 23, 2020.

2.1.4. Registration fee for participating in the Competition shall be INR 100. The fee is

required to be paid in the procedure mentioned in the registration form. The fee will not be

refundable under any circumstance.

Submission Guidelines

2.2.1. Each participant shall submit the memorial from one side only, i.e. the side of Plaintiff.

2.2.2. The Memorial attached for submission shall be titled in the following format: ‘Name of

Participant_MFC, 2.0’

2.2.3. As our responsibility, we aim to promote a paper-less work environment. Accordingly,

memorials shall be submitted only in soft-copy format only. Participants are requested to submit

their memorials through this SUBMISSION FORM

2.3. Ethics and Scrutiny

2.3.1. Participants have to format the memorials by themselves, without any assistance from

any third-party including friends, seniors and organisations which format memorials. Any such assistance is strictly prohibited, and violation of this rule may result in disqualification of the participant, public announcement of the participant’s name and forfeiture of the registration fee.

2.3.2. In order to ensure adherence to Rule 2.3.1., there may be a short interview / cross questioning of the top 3 participants in order to confirm that the participants have formatted the

memorial himself / herself. The scope of this interview / cross-questioning will be restricted to

the MS Word tools used by the participants to format his / her memorial. Participants do not

need to worry about this rule if they are true, honest and format the memorial themselves.

Memorial Provisions

3.1. Format of Memorials

3.1.1. Memorials shall be formatted in Microsoft Word and saved with the corresponding .doc

or .docx file extension. Any submissions in formats other than .doc or .docx shall not be

accepted. Submissions made in PDF format will not be considered as valid submissions.

3.1.2. Participants must submit their Memorials in font size 12, Times New Roman font style.

This requirement applies to all pages of the Memorial, including the Cover Page.

2 Members of such organisations are barred to participate in this competition.

3.2. Spacing in the Memorials

3.2.1. The text of the Memorial must be spaced at 1.5. This requirement applies to all pages

of the Memorials, including the Cover Page. This includes text in the header/footer area.

3.2.2. The ‘before’ and ‘after’ paragraph spacing throughout the Memorial shall be 6 pt each.

3.2.3. Headings and subheadings of more than one line in length must be single spaced.

3.2.4. Each page must have a margin of at least 1 inch on every side of the text.

3.3. Content of Memorials

Each Memorial shall include the pages/sections below and shall be presented in the following

order, with the exact same name as mentioned below:

a) Cover Page;

b) Table of Contents;

c) List of Abbreviations;

d) Index of Authorities;

e) Synopsis of Facts;

f) Statement of Jurisdiction;

g) Issues Raised;

h) Summary of Arguments;

i) Arguments Advanced and

j) Prayer

3.4. Cover Page Requirements

3.4.1. The Cover Page must contain the following information

a) Name of the Participant (in the header section)

b) Title of the Competition

c) Name of the Court

d) Provision number / Subject Matter

e) Cause Title

f) Date of Submission

3.4.2. The Cover Page should at least contain all the details mentioned under Rule 3.4.1., not

necessarily in the same order.

3.4.3. The Cover Page shall be blue in colour.

3.5. Other Section Requirements

3.5.1. Every section must begin from a new page.

3.5.2. The Table of Contents and Table of Authorities are required to be inserted by the


3.6. Citation Method

3.6.1. Footnotes have to be in font style size 10, Times New Roman. Footnotes of more than

one line in length must be single spaced.

3.6.2. Line Spacing between two footnotes shall be at 1.5.

3.6.3. Citations in the footnote area shall be uniformly edited and formatted. All the footnotes

must follow The Bluebook method of Citation, 20th Edn. Scope of citations shall not be

restricted to formatting only. Participants are allowed to edit details of the footnotes to follow

the prescribed citation method


4.1. Marking Criteria

The marking criteria include but are not limited to:

a) formatting in accordance with these Rules using MS Word tools;

b) usage of the citation method prescribed in these Rules; and

c) creativity used to make the memorial look appealing / aesthetic.

4.2. Results

4.2.1. The results of this competition shall be announced on the official social media handle

and website of Memo Pundits on Jan 2, 2021.

4.2.2. The categories of prizes are as follows:

a) Winner – Cash prize of INR 2500

b) 1st Runners Up – Cash prize of INR 1500

c) 2nd Runners Up – Cash prize of INR 1000

d) Top 10 – Discount Coupons on our courses worth 5k

e) E-certificates of Merit for the winners and E-certificate of Participation for all

4.2.3. All cash prizes will be distributed to the winners within 7-14 days from the

announcement of the results.

4.2.4. Any queries must be emailed to events@memopundits.com or



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