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A concerned Doctor had moved to the Delhi High court to file a petition against the Chief Minister’s order to limit the testing for Covid-19. The concerned doctor is a Delhi based ENT Surgeon who has stated that the order by the Delhi government is contrary to the “international practice” of medical tests and procedures. The petitioner is Dr. Manni Hingorani and he points out in his petition that as per the medical practice of today, every patient scheduled for any sort of surgery or operation has to go through a mandatory Covid-19 testing. This testing is done regardless of the patients showing symptoms or not showing symptoms of the Novel Corona Virus.

Currently the surgery and operation theatres are at a standstill. They need to get testing done for Covid-19 to start the surgery, but they are unable to get the testing done because of the new order. It is important to test the patients for the virus as it is essential to prevent the transmission of the Corona Virus from the patients to the doctors and nurses as they are needed in the front lines to combat this threat. If the people who are going to have an operation do not get checked for Covid-19 and infect the doctors, then the doctors might transmit the diseases to more unsuspecting patients unknowingly.

The Petition states that this new order could be life threatening; both for the patient and the doctors, nurses and the support staff. The Petition also states that this Delhi government order puts unreasonable restrictions on his duties as a surgeon and it violates her Fundamental rights guaranteed under Article 14,19 and 21 of the Indian Constitution.

People showing mild symptoms of Covid-19 are being sent back and asked to do self-isolation rather than being allowed to be tested for Covid-19.

This matter will be heard on 9 June,2020(tentative date).

By: Ishan Roy Chowdhury

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