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Punjab & Haryana HC Condemns Police to use the ‘N-word’

Recently, when the police used the ‘N-word’ for an African national who was accused under the NDPS Act, this incident was heavily criticised by Justice Rajiv Narain Raina of Punjab and Haryana High Court.

Justice Rajiv said that this “unprintable word” is considered very offensive throughout the world and no one should be using it. Hence it creates a really bad image of our country which celebrates diversity. When the country’s own Police Department uses such derogatory term for a Person of Colour it gives a bad impression. The court directed to never use this word again in any documents or even verbally.

The court said that even though people who come from foreign lands are not the citizens of this country, yet even they should have a right to dignity and no one should be using derogatory terms to refer to them or treat them in such a way which ruins the reputation of the country.

By: Indu Singh Tanwar

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