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On june 03, wednesday, the three-judge bench headed by CJI SA Bobde rejected a writ petition filed by Namah, seeking direction to change the name of the country as ‘Bharat’ from ‘India’ alleging it will “instill a sense of pride in our nationality.” The Plea stated- “Stop using INDIA, this will ensure citizens of this country get over the colonial past & instill a sense of pride in our nationality. It will also justify the hard-fought freedom by our freedom fighters”

It further stated “The time is ripe to recognize the country by its original and authentic name, i.e. BHARAT, especially when our cities have been renamed to identify with the Indian ethos…..In fact, the word India being replaced with BHARAT would justify the hard-fought freedom by our ancestors”

Adv. Ashwin Vaish, appearing from the petitioner side stated the fact that the word India has been derived from the Greek word “Indica” which isn’t of Indian origin.

It was observed that the court cannot pass any directions to amend the Constitution for such name change. Further CJI SA Bobde, while referring to Article 1 of the Constitution said- “We cannot do that. India is already called Bharat in the Constitution.” After finding the judgment unfavorable he petitioner counsel urged the court to allow them to make a representation before the Centre, which was granted.

By: Shifa Qureshi

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