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Organiser: Jus Commune

About the Organization

Jus Commune is an online forum that promotes and seeks to maintain various legal competitions. The contests' platter shall consist of quizzes, article writing, judgment writing, online debates etc. We strive to stimulate your abilities, and encourage you to sharpen your skills. We would showcase the best compositions with pride on Jus Commune. We believe that it's competition which ensures the survival of the fittest.

About the Competition

As Law students, it is our duty to simplify the complexities prevailing within the legal mechanism and convey them to the masses for their better perusal – at Jus Commune we aim to eliminate legal illiteracy in the country and ensure that people exercise their Constitutional Privilege of Freedom of Speech and Expression by the mode of Legal Writing.

Several reputed Law Colleges and Legal Forums in India invite people for expressing their views and opinions in the form of an Article or Research Paper for Journals, Conferences and Seminars for promoting exchange of ideas and finding a proper solution up on a particular aspect. And for enabling participation and publication, interested persons are expected to submit Abstracts – short write-ups explaining what the Author seeks to convey through their Full Paper is expected to be done meticulously, if an opportunity to suggest measures or highlight discrepancies before dignitaries of the fraternity is to be grabbed.

Realizing the importance of this, we at Jus Commune invite Creative Abstracts, assuring publication opportunities for the Winners and promoting the importance of Abstract Writing in the country.


- Open to all law students from 3 year LLB, 5 year BA/BBA/BCOM LLB, PhD and LLM programs.

- Law graduates as well as advocates


Open theme related to Social issues or Law.


1. Top 3 Winners: Certificate of Merit + Free Publication of their research papers in the Journal for Law Students and Researchers (JLSR) + Certificate of Publication.

2. Next 5 Winners shall be assured Certificate of Merit+ Free Publication of their research paper on Jus Commune under an esteemed category of highly recognized ones with their photographs and names.

3. Next 10 Winners shall be assured Certificate of Appreciation and their abstracts shall be published in a separate column with their names.

4. Certificate of Participation shall be assured for participants who register successfully and submit the Abstract within the deadline

Guidelines for Contribution

1. All Abstracts must be submitted in English Language only.

2. The length of the Abstract must not exceed 700 words.

3. Since it is an Abstract, Footnotes/Endnotes are not required.

4. Co-authorship is allowed up to one Co-author (Not more than 2 Authors per Abstract)

5. All submissions shall be made in Pdf or Word.doc format.

6. Details of the author(s) shall be provided in the body of the email while submitting the Abstract or Paper for the Competition.

7. The plagiarism level must not exceed 20% for the abstract and the research paper.

8. All the submissions shall be made to editor.juscommune@gmail.com


Only the top 5 abstract authors shall be asked to produce research papers with universal citations for the purpose of publication in JLSR and Jus Commune.

The length of the research paper shouldn't exceed 2000 words. This wou