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Organiser: Memo Pundits

About Memo Pundits

Memo Pundits is India’s first Mooting School for law students, founded in 2014 by Anant Gupta

and Rachnendra Tripathi. It is a unique platform that creates content and courses to bridge the learning gap between a classroom and a courtroom. What sets it apart is its teaching

methodology, which is far from any traditional Indian online courses. All online courses are

based on Harvard University’s “Active Learning” model, which makes sure that learning is

always interactive and fun!

About the Webinar

In law schools, we have often heard the importance of publishing your research papers in leading journals from our faculties as well as our peers.

Publishing your research paper is one of the most crucial steps of any research activity. It is a

way of communicating and sharing information with the rest of the world.

"Not publishing your research paper is similar to you manufacturing a product but not launching the same in the market for the consumers".

Getting a paper published in a reputed law journal is an art which includes different stages such as extensive research, articulation and finally, 2-3 reviews before reaching the final stage of publication.

Memo Pundits is delighted to organize a Webinar on the "Secrets to get your research paper

published in International Journals".

This webinar would focus on the secrets of research paper publication helping you increase your chances to get featured in leading law journals.

About the Speaker

Bodhisattwa Majumder

Bodhisattwa is a final-year law student pursuing B.A. (Economics Hons.) LL.B. (Corporate

laws) from Maharashtra National Law University Mumbai. He takes a genuine interest in

expressing his opinion on legal standpoints and in furtherance of this, he has published multiple

papers, blogs, articles both domestically and internationally on topics such as Human Rights,

International Laws, Contracts, TMT, Maritime laws, and Arbitration. He is currently working as

the Chief Student Editor for Centre for Information Communication and Technology Law

(MNLU Mumbai) and Editor-in-chief of Arbitration & Corporate Law Review. He has also

worked as an Associate Editor of Indian Journal of Law and Public Policy. He is currently

looking forward to joining the field of Commercial and Admiralty Litigation after graduation in

May 2021.

Details of the Webinar

● Date: 4th February 2021

● Time: 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

(The link for the session shall be provided on Memo Pundits- Webinar Group on WhatsApp.

Link for our WhatsApp group has been provided in the registration form).

Important Dates

● Registration Deadline: Feb 4, 2:00 PM

● Date of the Webinar: Feb 4, 2021

● Certificate: Certificates will be provided within one week of the Webinar.

Registration Details

● Interested students can click here and fill the registration form for the Webinar.

● Registration fee: FREE

● Certificate: All the participants who attend the session will be provided with


● Join the WhatsApp Group after registering.

Contact Us

In case of any queries, please write to us at events@memopundits.com and

ananya.singh@memopundits.com. You can also reach us via Whatsapp on +91-9643052887

(Ananya Singh, Business Development Executive).

Registration link: Click here

*Terms and Conditions

The eligibility criteria for the certificate are as follows:

1. All participants must register themselves for the webinar by filling this form and join our

WhatsApp group for this session. Links for the session and certificates will also be provided on this group.

2. It is mandatory for the participants to attend the entire session.

3. On completion of the session, all attendees must share their experience summarising the

webinar in 3 points through a LinkedIn post. It is also mandatory for all attendees to tag Memo

Pundits in that post and the link to the webinar (which will be provided on the WhatsApp group),

specifying that connections may access the video/webinar via the link.

4. Participants are urged to keep the post unplagiarized and use original words garnered from

personal experience of the event, failure to do so will result in disqualification.

5. The post must be shared latest by Feb 9 or you will lose your eligibility for the certificate.

6. All participants who comply with all the aforementioned criteria shall be provided with

e-certificates within 7 days from the date of the Webinar.

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