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Legal Research is a skill demanded in every stage of a legal career. Be it a law student, a litigant, academician or a corporate lawyer. Researching is a skill that defines you! Skill that has the capacity to build your legal career. Researching being such an essential skill, yet remains undiscovered by many law students. After a survey we discovered that most of the students in law school try to learn this skill mostly through self-learning, off course we have books to learn research methodology but they are generally written in technical language which makes it hard for the students to understand these research methodologies properly.

Considering the need for this skill and the importance it holds in legal career, LeDroit India has come up with a 2-day workshop on Methodologies of Legal Research. Through this workshop we aim at making students familiar with the legal vocabulary and research techniques in a simple and easy language. We want students to grasp this skill like they used to grasp rhymes in their nursery.

Who will be Conducting?

The present workshop will be conducted by Adv. Sneha Muralidharan.

Ms. Sneha is an advocate currently practising in District Court and Family Court of Pune. She is also a social worker and Co-Founder of NGO “Inspiring Pink” promoting women empowerment. She did her LL.M. on Constitutional and Administrative Law from Christ University, Bangalore and has written various research papers which have been published in International and National Journals, one of her major contribution in legal research has been her paper on “PUBLIC INTEREST LITIGATION: A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF INDIA, USA, UK AND SOUTH AFRICA”, published in IJRAR – International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews (IJRAR).

In the present Workshop you’ll be learning about: -

Day 1:

  1. Introduction to Research & Legal Research,

  2. Different Methodologies of Legal Research,

  3. How to select a topic for your Research paper,

  4. How to analyse your research questions, hypothesis, statement of problem,

  5. How to structure down your Research paper,

  6. What shall be your conclusions and suggestions.

Day 2:

  1. What to add to your final research draft?

  2. How to check your plagiarism?

  3. How to do paraphrasing,

  4. When, Where and How to publish the final draft of research.

Date &Time: 12th &13th June, 2021 (Saturday & Sunday) at 4:00 PM via Google Meet.

Perks: E-Certificate and Research Guide E-Book.

Registration Process:

To register kindly make the payment first of INR 500/- only, and make a note of transaction ID, after making the payment fill up the registration form given in the website, to confirm your registration for the Workshop.

If you face any trouble while making payment, Paytm or Gpay on 9527733855.

Important Note- Register for the workshop before 25th May, 2021 by paying INR 450/-Registration on first- come- first-serve basis.

In case of any doubt regarding this post, you can visit the official website link provided here: https://ledroitindia.wordpress.com/2021/05/17/workshop-on-methodology-of-legal-research-12th13th-june2021/

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