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One must be aware that the Constitution of India is the Supreme Law of the Land, but are you aware that it is supreme because of its rigid and flexible nature? The founding fathers of the Constitution of India has incorporated a provision in the Constitution to make repeal or amend any provisions according to the needs and aspirations of the citizen. The Constitution of India not only provide framework defining fundamental principles but also provides procedure to change such principles as per the situation of the Country. This is why, The Constitution of India is a living law which cannot become dormant due to its amending procedure.

Considering the need and importance of the amendment procedure in legal field, LeDroit India has come up with a 2-day workshop on the Important Amendments of the Constitution of India. Through this workshop we aim at making students familiar with the procedure and the importance of amendments which is an important concept asked in every competitive exam.

Who will be Conducting?

The present workshop will be conducted by Adv. Sneha Muralidharan. Ms. Sneha is an advocate currently practising in District Court and Family Court of Pune. She is also a social worker and Co-Founder of NGO “Inspiring Pink” promoting women empowerment. She did her LL.M. on Constitutional and Administrative Law from Christ University, Bangalore.

In the present Workshop you’ll be learning about: – Day 1: 1. What is the basic structure of Indian Constitution?

2.What are amendments? 3. Types of Amendments 4.Importance of amendments Procedure of Amendments 5.Role of State and Union Legislature in amendment procedure.

Day 2: 1. Important Amendments under Indian Constitution

2. Cases related to Amendments.

Date &Time: 7th August and 8th August, 2021 (Saturday & Sunday).

Perks: E-Certificate and Research Guide E-Book.

Registration Process: To register kindly make the payment first of INR 100/- only, through the link given in the website and make a note of transaction ID, after making the payment fill up the registration form given in the website, to confirm your registration for the Workshop.

If you face any trouble while making payment, Paytm or Gpay on 9527733855.

Link of the Event and Registration Form:


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